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Join AimHigh's Online Apprenticeship Training Program and qualify to access an array of financial benefits.
Benefits include but not limited to:

  •  Earn Industry Certifications in Medical Coding & Billing, HVAC, & Building Code Inspections
  •  Rental and Childcare Assistance
  •  Earn weekly referral compensation payouts.
  • Receive supportive service assistance
Tuition-free enrollment available for SNAP recipients and individuals that meet Federal Low-income guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

Program Definitions: Online Apprenticeship Training Referral Program: A program designed to provide existing program participants who become referral members (Referring Members and Referring Companies) with incentives to actively offer referrals to AimHigh Education Technologies, LLC. Referring Member: An Individual customer, trainee participant, user who refers or introduces a new trainee prospect to AimHigh Education Technologies, LLC. Referring Company: The client organization that employs the Referring Contact.
Referred Prospect: The new client prospect (that isn’t enrolled in any course modules with AimHigh Education Technologies, LLC) that is referred or introduced to AimHigh Technologies, LLC by the Referring Member. Referral Compensation: The amount that AimHigh Education Technologies issues to individual Referring Member in addition to the Referral Bonus awarded to the Referred Customer. How to participate and earn compensation from AimHigh Education Technologies’ Apprenticeship Training Referral Program:
Existing customers (Referring Members) refer new client prospects (Referred Customers) to become enrolled participants of job training course modules with AimHigh Education Technologies or facilitate the introduction of new client prospects (Referred Customers) to AimHigh Education Technologies. When a Referred Customer has completed enrollment into an online job training course module with AimHigh Education Technologies and has completed the first two weeks, after being enrolled, the Referred Customer and Referring Member are each eligible for individual compensation. The Referred Customer earns a $20 payment equal to the amount of the Referral Member’s referral payment.
· How Referring Member compensation is paid: Upon completion of the referred trainee’s first month after enrollment , AimHigh Education Technologies will issue payment to the member's  AimHigh Wisely Pay Card, in accordance with the following criteria: - Referral(s) that successfully enrolls into an AimHigh Education Technologies’ online Apprenticeship Training Course Module : $100  -Referred Customer: Referred individuals that are NOT enrolled into a job training course module with AimHigh Education Technologies, will not qualify as an Approved Referral. A Referral Member will be compensated for qualifying Referred Customers as listed above. Notifications: Referring Members will receive notification of compensation amounts via email when a Referred Customer has enrolled into a training course module with AimHigh Education Technologies, LLC. Referral Member compensations will be sent by regular mail. Referring Affilaites will be notified via email of earned service credit amounts and these amounts will be itemized on the Referring Affiliates’s monthly service invoice.  
· Disputes: Should there be any disputes around how a particular referral payment credit is earned, tracked or paid, please submit the details in writing to: AimHigh Education Technologies SNAP Job Training 2 Work Referral Program 325 Florida Street , Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
· Program duration: AimHigh Education Technologies, LLC reserves the right to change, discontinue or otherwise alter this program, terms, conditions and any compensations stated or implied without notice.

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Terms and Conditions